NORA356PXMany ask if Wilderness Beach Cottage is owned by an artist, and it is. Award-winning artist Nora Frings started sculpting in clay at an early age, working under the strict tutelage of her artist grandfather. By the time she left her native Netherlands to move to Germany, her work had developed a distinct style, and soon caught the attention of discerning art lovers throughout Europe.

Nora invented a new material (she called it Fri-lith) which gave her the freedom to work in very big dimensions, able to create originals suitable for casting in gold-bronze.

She was asked to mount exhibitions in Hannover, Bremen (Bankhaus Neelmeyer, Bremer Landesbank, Bremer Parliament, Parkhotel) and the Netherlands. She sold her sculptures all over the world from her own gallery in Northern Germany and became a household name around Europe and Asia. In 1984 she was invited to teach briefly in Rhode Island (USA) at the Moses Brown University, and started an art college in Bremen herself.

In 1998 Nora, following her heart, moved to South Africa. Three years after this, when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers, Nora started painting.  This was a radical change for her, as she always felt she needed the third dimension for her art.

She enjoyed painting tremendously, and it is today her preferred medium. Nora’s work is full of passion, but disciplined.  Her life has not been without tragedy – she has lost a daughter and two husbands – but her compassion, strength, intelligence and joy is all evident in her work.

With her sculptural background she uses disciplined lines in her paintings, but experiments with a mystic dream world, more often than not saturated with colour.

Aside from what you see in the beach house, you can view and order her paintings online, or contact Nora directly to view them in her house in George, where she is based.